Folding Bike Reviews Are Awesome!

After saving up a ridiculous amount of money, I’ve decided to go ahead and buy myself a folding bike after reading the best folding bike reviews over at the folding bike guy’s website. He has assured me that the Dahon and Montague models are by far the best. However it’s also worth a note that the British Brompton brand are also making quite the splash and are one of the most preferred folding bike models currently in existence. I’ve seen a fair few of them about in London in the recent months and continue to search for additional examples of them on the road to use as a reference point.

Folding Bike Reviews

I can’t wait for my Dahon Speed Uno to arrive, I’ve been waiting for it for a few weeks now – due to the delivery times from America, however you’ll all be happy to hear that it has now arrived in the UK and should be with me very, very soon. Of the other folding bikes that I considered, there was the Dahon Speed D7, Dahon Mu Uno and the Dahon Mariner D7 too. In addition, I did spend some time thinking about whether or not I wanted to go for a folding mountain bike with the Montague Paratrooper Pro but decided that it was probably too large to use in and around the city – between offices and what not.

I do believe that, from all the best folding bike reviews that I read in the weeks preceding this post, that the Dahon Speed Uno is the best bike out there at the moment. Darren, my friend from University, really did help me out too as he has a small collection of bikes that he allowed me to take on a test ride. I tried these out because I was initially quite sceptical about just going for a folding bike with small wheels, I thought that they would have stability issues – however Darren has assured me that is not the case and kindly enough offered his collection to me for a day. I’m a firm believer now that Dahon make the best bikes around and would happily recommend my friends and family one of them if it came to it – they are truly beautiful ride, smooth on and off the road. They feel extremely sturdy, likely to last for a fair few years and so I’d say that they are worth the high price tag that is associated with Dahon these days. I’m hoping on using my new bike to get out of the city and hopefully take it abroad with me when I finally do manage to get out of here and go travelling. Who knows, my future blog may not just be about travelling, I might try and incorporate folding bikes into there somehow too – seems like a relatively untapped niche that is waiting to be taken if you ask me!