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So today I got a little bit bored earlier and decided that I was going to write a post about myself and what I’m currently up to at the moment. Well, essentially I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and I’m not entirely happy with my job. My boss doesn’t really push me anywhere near as hard as I need to be, the work I’m doing isn’t challenging, I’m not the best at client interactions and am ultimately not really cut to go any further in the company. Who knows what’s going to happen in the coming months, I’ve been due a promotion for a while now but am ultimately not sure about whether or not I’m going to get one. We will have to see really, but I think I’m more than deserving of one.


In other news I’m also thinking about selling my car and going travelling, the only issue is that I just don’t have enough money to justify it really, I just spent a whole tonne on a bike that I’ve been eyeing up for a long time – months actually. I wish that I did and it’s the main thing that gets me out of bed in the morning. I spend far too much time pushing my friends away and solely thinking about leaving and going on an adventure. It’s something that I’ve always been keen on doing, despite being relatively introverted for my entire life – I’m just thoroughly confused as to where I’m going, I just really don’t know any more.


I don’t think that I’m scared of growing up, in fact I loved life up until about two years ago, now that I’m working I’d say that the quality of my life has certainly dipped, and I am now of the belief that life is for living, not working. I think I’d like to do some post doctoral research, however I don’t know what in and where at. I’m also slightly concerned that I’ll not only fall behind in the job market, but also that I won’t actually manage to finish any work that I begin in academia. If I do choose that path I’ll make sure to let all of you know here first, sorry for the emotional post, it’s just what has been plaguing my mind for a long while now and it’s nice to be able to get it all written down for all to see. If anybody has some advice I’d love to hear from you because as it stand I’m not entirely sure what’s going on in my head and where I’m likely to be in a year, let alone a few from now.

Anyway, I’m going to be coming back here very soon to continue writing some reviews about additional Vauxhall models, I don’t know what is coming up next but anybody who would like to see something special – hit me up and I’ll never let you down, I might actually start writing a few more personal entries and talking about the new folding bike that I purchased the other day. Folding bikes are incredible by the way guys, just to let you know, check out some folding bike reviews on here soon.

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